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Access Code

Access Code

The Access Code is the code given to you by a member of your care team directly, or from your sponsoring organization via email, brochure, or mailer. You will need this code to sign up for Wellframe.

Your code will either be just letters, or letters and numbers. Make sure you enter all lowercase letters and no spaces when you type in your code.

A screenshot of entering access code on app
It’s important that you use your specific code for a few reasons:

Once you use your code to sign up, you will not need it again. Make sure to record your email and password so you can log into your account in the future.

If you have not received an access code, Wellframe is not available for open enrollment. If you have been invited to use the app but are unsure of what access code to use, please reach out to your sponsoring organization, care team, or provider who has introduced you to Wellframe for the appropriate access code for you to use.