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Getting Started

Welcome to Wellframe! Wellframe is a free health program for your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) that helps you manage your health outside of the doctor’s office. Wellframe will give you personalized health information and connect you to a care manager and other health professional to support you and answer questions. To get started, please find more information below on how to download Wellframe onto your mobile phone and how to create your new account!

  • Device Compatibility

    The Wellframe App is compatible with the following devices and operating systems: 



    • iPhone 6S and higher.
    • iPad mini 4 and higher.
    • iPad 9th generation and higher.
    • iPod Touch 7th generation and higher.

    Operating system:

    • iOS 16 and higher



    • Any Android phone or tablet with a compatible operating system.

    Operating system:

    • Version 9.0 (Pie) and higher (10, 11, 12, 13 & 14).
    The Wellframe app IS NOT compatible with the following devices and operating systems:


    • Windows devices.
    • Blackberry devices without access to the Google Play Store.
    • Android Revvl Plus. 
    • Rooted or Jailbroken Devices. 
    • Reading tablets (Kindle, Amazon Fire).
    • A desktop or laptop computer.

    Note: While you may be able to download the Wellframe app on a rooted device, you will be unable to open the app. Instead, you will see a white screen before the app shuts down. 

    Wearable devices may be able to share information with the app via Apple Health or Google Fit. For more information about setting up the step counter on your phone, visit these articles for iPhone steps or Android steps.

  • Downloading the App

    If you have received an invite text message or email from your health insurer to download the app: 

    • You will receive a customized link to click that takes you directly to the relevant app store for your device to complete the download 
    • Once downloaded, the app will automatically generate your access code, and you can proceed with the sign up 

    NOTE: For Apple device users, you will need to click “Allow” once the app opens to enable the access code to paste into the app.

    If you have not received an invite text message or email from your health insurer to download the app: 

    • Open the web browser on your smartphone and type in “” to the URL bar at the top of the screen 
    • Select the image for the Apple App Store (iPhone/iPad devices) or the Google Play Store (Android devices) to open the relevant app download page 
    • Once you are on the app store page tap “Get” to download the app if you have an Apple Device, or tap “Install” to download the app if you have an Android device
  • Access Code

    The Access Code is the code given to you by a member of your care team directly, or from your sponsoring organization via email, brochure, or mailer. You will need this code to sign up for Wellframe.

    Your code will either be just letters, or letters and numbers. Make sure you enter all lowercase letters and no spaces when you type in your code.

    A screenshot of entering access code on app
    It’s important that you use your specific code for a few reasons:
    • It allows us to deliver a care program that’s personalized for you and tailored to your needs, directly to your mobile device.
    • It connects your app to your care team’s dashboard so that they can track your progress and provide support daily.

    Once you use your code to sign up, you will not need it again. Make sure to record your email and password so you can log into your account in the future.

    If you have not received an access code, Wellframe is not available for open enrollment. If you have been invited to use the app but are unsure of what access code to use, please reach out to your sponsoring organization, care team, or provider who has introduced you to Wellframe for the appropriate access code for you to use.

  • Eligibility

    During the onboarding process, once you have selected who you are using the app for, you will be asked to enter additional information to pass an eligibility check. The information requested will depend on what is required by your sponsoring organization.

    You will need to enter your:

    • Member ID.
    • Date of Birth.

    Don’t worry, the app will let you know what information you need to enter!

    Member ID Information

    You can find your Member ID on your health insurance card. For information on how to enter your Member ID please view the Member ID card example shown on the screen. There will also be additional text, under the Member ID image, to assist you with the correct format. Please ensure that your Member ID contains no spaces or dashes.

    • If you do not have your insurance card please contact your sponsoring organization directly.
    • If you are entering the information as shown, and still cannot proceed, please click the “I NEED HELP” button.
    A screenshot highlighting where to locate member ID on insurance card

    Date of Birth

    After you have input your Member ID, you will need to enter your Date of Birth. To enter your Date of Birth, scroll through the dates in the calendar picker and select the correct Month, Day, and Year, and then click “SUBMIT.”

    Note: If you are a family member or caregiver using Wellframe on behalf of someone else, please see this article regarding caregiver participation for more details. You may need specific instructions from your care team or the Wellframe team on how to enter the eligibility information. Please reach out to your care team, or contact us at for further instructions.

    A screenshot of confirming birthday on the app
  • Registration

    Complete Your Profile

    When you reach the Registration page in the onboarding process, you may find that your information has been pre-populated. If this is the case, simply verify that your information is correct and continue to the next page.

    If your information has not been pre-populated, then you will need to enter your:

    • Name.
    • Gender.
    • Date of birth.
    • State of residence.
    • Phone number.
    A screenshot of filling out profile details

    Create Your Login

    To create your Wellframe login, you will need to enter your email address and create a password. The email address you enter is the one we will contact you at if you’ve forgotten your password and need to reset it. If you do not have an email address, then you can create one for free with services like Gmail or Yahoo.

    A screenshot of setting up an account login

    Your password simply needs to be eight characters in length, and include all the following:

    • At least 1 letter.
    • At least 1 number.
    • At least 1 special character (e.g. !@#$%&).

    Once created, tap “Continue” to be taken to Wellframe’s End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy.

  • Accepting EULA and Privacy Agreements

    The End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy lets you know what information Wellframe collects from the app and how this data is used. We collect the personal information necessary for patients to use the product and related services, and for product improvement. Wellframe de-identifies and anonymizes data whenever possible to respect individuals’ personal information.

    To create your account login, you will need to accept the terms of the End User License Agreement.

    Check the box to accept the terms. On the next page, you will be taken to the Wellframe Privacy Policy. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to press “Accept.”

    Note: The “Accept” button will not light up for use until you have scrolled through the full Privacy Policy.

    A screenshot of Wellframe's Privacy Policy in the app

    Both documents are available for review in the Settings section of the app. You may also reference Wellframe’s End User License Agreement by visiting this article and Privacy Policy by visiting this article.

  • App Permissions

    To ensure you are getting the full use of your Wellframe account, you will be prompted to accept two sets of permissions:

    Push Notifications

    To allow Wellframe to send you important notifications about reminders and new messages, tap:

    1. “OK.”
    2. “Allow.”

    Step Counting

    You will then be prompted to allow Wellframe to count your steps automatically (if this does not happen automatically, tap the step count task on your checklist):


    1. Tap “Connect Now.”
    2. In the new Apple Health window, toggle ON “Steps.”
    3. Tap “Allow.”


    • Tap “Next.”
    • Tap “Yes.”
    • Choose or add your preferred Gmail account.
    • Tap “Allow.”

    If you are having any trouble getting your steps to count on your device visit this article.

  • Caregiver Registration

    As a parent or caregiver, you may be eligible to participate in Wellframe on behalf of someone else. For more information regarding eligibility for caregiver participation, please reach out to your sponsoring organization.

    Here are the steps to create an account in the Wellframe app as a caregiver:
    1. After opening the app, tap “Sign Up.”
    2. Next, you will be prompted to enter an access code.
      • This code is given to you either directly from someone on your member’s care team (this may have been in-person, via a text or email, or via a brochure) or via communication from your sponsoring organization, like from a website or brochure. Visit this article for more information on your Wellframe access code.
    3. You will now be prompted to choose whether you are managing your own health through the app or someone else’s. As a caregiver, please select, “someone else’s.”
    4. On the next screen, you will be asked to enter additional information on behalf of the member for an eligibility check. Visit this article to learn more about the eligibility requirements.
    5. To register, you will need to enter some basic information on behalf of the member.
    6. You will then be prompted to include your own details and contact information.
    7. Create your Wellframe login by entering your email and creating a new password. Your password must contain one letter, one number, one special character and be at least 8 characters long.
    8. Accept the Wellframe End User License Agreement (EULA) by checking the box. On the Privacy Policy page, scroll to the bottom and press “Accept” to complete sign up.
      To learn more about the EULA and Privacy Policy, visit this article.
    9. Lastly, you will be asked to finalize your account setup:
      • Enable Push Notifications and Step Counting Permissions. For more information on how to set up push notifications and step counting, visit this article.
      • After signing up, your account may need to be reviewed by the care team and placed in a pending approval state.
      • If approval is needed, you will be notified by push notifications, email, or text message once your account is approved and you have been granted access to the app.
      • If you’ve been pre-approved as a caregiver, you will skip the pending approval state and be taken straight to the checklist screen.
    A screenshot of enabling in-app notifications

    With that, you’re all set! Visit this article to learn more about the features of the Wellframe mobile app.

  • Biometric App Lock & Unlock

    Wellframe gives you the option to add another layer of protection to your sensitive health information, without adding any disruption to your experience on the app.

    For users who have newly onboarded and launch the app for the 2nd time, you will be prompted to enable a Biometric Lock for additional security. The prompt will ask you to enable Face ID/Touch ID for iOS (Apple) or Facial Recognition for Android to unlock the app for future use (you may choose to decline the extra security if you wish).

    You will also be able to select the length of inactive time before the app is automatically locked.

    Setting up the Biometric Lock


    1. When the prompt appears, tap “Enable Face ID” (if your iOS device does not support Face ID, you will be offered to enable Touch ID)
    2.  Select your preferred time out method from the list, and tap “Save Selection” (you can change this selection at any time in your security settings) 


    1. When the prompt appears, tap “Enable Biometric Lock” (if your Android device does not support Facial Recognition, you will be offered to choose a PIN)
    2. Select your preferred time out method from the list, and tap “Save Selection” (you can change this selection at any time in your security settings)

    NOTE: If you initially declined to enable the feature, you can enable this at any time by going to “Profile> Settings> Security”.

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