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Frequently Asked Questions

“Why can’t I download the app?”

Please ensure your phone has enough memory available, you are connected to WiFi, and your phone is compatible with the app.

“What is my Apple Store/Google Play user ID & password?”

Please see this article for more information.

“Can I use the same email for multiple accounts?”

No, you can only use one email for one account.

“Why does the Google Play Store say Wellframe needs to access my contacts?”

When downloading Wellframe from the Google Play Store, you may be asked to allow the app to access your contacts. Wellframe only accesses your contact information to pre-fill your information when creating your own account on the app. This is the only time that Wellframe will access contact information stored on your phone and it only reads your contact information, including your name, phone number, and email address.

“Is Wellframe free?”

Wellframe is always completely free for members.

“How much data does the app use?”

Wellframe requires minimal data to work properly on your smartphone or tablet. It is unlikely that the app will use up a significant amount of your data or cause you to go over your data limit.

“What is my access code?”

 An access is code is given to you by your provider authorizing your use of this application.

“Why is my access code not working?”

Ensure the code has all lowercase letters, no spaces, including numbers if they exist.

“What is my Member ID?”

You can obtain your Member ID by reaching out directly to your insurance provider.

“It won’t let me move to the next screen after entering my email and password.”

Please ensure your email address is entered correctly and that you have also configured a password that meets the following requirements.

“Why is my password not working?”

Ensure that you are entering your password correctly. If you need to reset your password, please click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page.

“My account says it’s inactive, how do I reactivate my account?”

Please reach out directly to your insurance provider to request re-enrollment onto the app.

“Why can’t the app verify my eligibility?”

Ensure that you are entering your MemberID in the format displayed on the screen.

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