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During the onboarding process, once you have selected who you are using the app for, you will be asked to enter additional information to pass an eligibility check. The information requested will depend on what is required by your sponsoring organization.

You will need to enter your:

Don’t worry, the app will let you know what information you need to enter!

Member ID Information

You can find your Member ID on your health insurance card. For information on how to enter your Member ID please view the Member ID card example shown on the screen. There will also be additional text, under the Member ID image, to assist you with the correct format. Please ensure that your Member ID contains no spaces or dashes.

A screenshot highlighting where to locate member ID on insurance card

Date of Birth

After you have input your Member ID, you will need to enter your Date of Birth. To enter your Date of Birth, scroll through the dates in the calendar picker and select the correct Month, Day, and Year, and then click “SUBMIT.”

Note: If you are a family member or caregiver using Wellframe on behalf of someone else, please see this article regarding caregiver participation for more details. You may need specific instructions from your care team or the Wellframe team on how to enter the eligibility information. Please reach out to your care team, or contact us at for further instructions.

A screenshot of confirming birthday on the app