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Chat Tab

Chat Tab

The “Chat” tab is where you will be able to communicate directly with your care team at any time through a secure two-way messaging system. It’s just like text messaging, only more secure to protect your health information.

Note: Your care team may not respond immediately. If you need to speak to a doctor or in case of an emergency, please call emergency services or your doctor directly. Wellframe should not be used in emergencies.

A screenshot of a series of messages in the in-app chat


The “Chat” tab enables you to securely send and receive attachments between you and your Care Team, including photos and files (such as pictures of an injury, discharge instructions, or a medical bill you would like to discuss).

How to add an attachment:

  1. Tap on the Chat tab in the app.
    (Note: if this is your first time using the Chat tab, a message will pop up explaining what the Chat feature is for, and how it can benefit your experience with the app).
  2. Click on the “+” menu to the left of the text box.
  3. You will then be given 3 attachment options:
    • Photo Library: Choose a photo from the existing saved images on your device (you can choose up to 10 images at 1 time).
    • Take Photo: Take a brand-new photo with your device camera.
    • Choose File: Attach a document saved on your device.
  4. Once you have attached your preferred file(s), you can add text in the text box to provide context or further information related to the attachment, if necessary.
  5. To send your attached file(s) and message, tap the send button (the paper plane icon to the right of the text box).
A screenshot of adding attachments in the in-app chat

File Types & Limits

Supported file types:

  1. .pdf.
  2. .jpg/.jpeg (Note: iPhone iOS image default is .HEIC, which we will convert to .jpg on upload).
  3. .png.

File size limits:

  1. The maximum file size limit is 2 MB. 
  2. Any images you upload via the app, larger than 2MB, will be automatically resized to stay within a 2 MB maximum file size.
  3. PDF files over 2 MB will not be automatically resized, and you will need to resize them yourself before being able to upload.

Virus scanning:

  1. Every file uploaded is scanned to ensure it is safe to save and open.
  2. A message will display if a file does not pass the security check, and the file will not be saved or displayed if it does not pass.

Deleting attachments:

  1. You and your Care Team will be able to delete any attachments that you have uploaded via the app, however you will not be able to delete any attachments uploaded by your Care Team.
  2. After deletion, a message will display for both you and your Care Team, showing who deleted the file & when it was deleted.


Your Care Team can also send instructions and important information to your app that you can access easily, without scrolling back through your conversations to find.

The clipboard icon at the top left of the Chat tab will contain any instructions or important information you and your Care Team wish to keep in one place.

If you have notifications set up for the app, you will receive a prompt any time your Care Team has added, or edited, something in your instructions.