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Daily Checklist

Daily Checklist

Each day you will have a list of tasks in your Checklist to complete, which are related to the care program(s) you are currently assigned to. These tasks may include new articles to read, medication reminders that you’ve set, or check-in surveys for you to complete for your care team.
When you complete the tasks each day, your checklist will refresh and show new tasks the next day. Your care team uses the activity from your checklist to stay connected and up to date on your progress.

Checklist Sections

Your checklist will be split into several different sections, depending on the tasks you are due to complete. 

A screenshot of the checklist in the Wellframe app

The “+ Add” Button

NOTE: For more guidance on how to set up reminders, please view this article for steps to create both medication and health reminders. 
For more guidance on how to view and request enrollment in further Care Programs, please view this article

“Today” Section

This section shows any outstanding tasks you have remaining for the day.

Any tasks related to care program(s) you are enrolled in will show the name of that care program below the title of each task. This makes it easier, especially for those enrolled in multiple care programs, to identify which tasks relate to which program.

“Complete” Section

If you forget to do your tasks, don’t worry! Your Daily Checklist refreshes each day at midnight. Even if you forget to record your progress on the app, it is still important to take your scheduled medications, exercise, and eat well!