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Resources Tab

Resources Tab

The Resources tab contains a Library of educational articles about your health, and a list of our available Care Programs.


Our Library articles may be specific to your condition or procedure, your medications, or offer general healthy lifestyle tips, however they will also cover many other topics that you may be interested in. 
You can save any of the article you view to your “Favorites” list by tapping on the hollow star at the bottom center of an article. Once favorited, the star will turn solid white.  
Your favorite articles can then be easily accessed at any time in the Library screen by tapping “My Favorites” 
NOTE: All the articles that appear in your Checklist can also be found at any time in the library. 

Care Programs 

The Resources Tab features an expandable list of our Care Programs available for you to browse, and request to enroll in if you are interested.

To view specific Care Program details: 

  1. Tap “View all health topics” (below the 4 initial examples), and a new screen displaying an extensive list of various Care Program health topics will appear 
  1. Scroll through and tap on any of the available health topics to see a list of each Care Program available to you under that topic 
  1. Tap any of these Care Program names to view a description of the specific program, and what to expect in terms of content type and program duration 

Requesting to enroll in Care Programs 

When you find a Care Program you would like to enroll in: 

  1. Tap the “Request to Enroll” button at the bottom of the screen 
  1. This will generate a pop-up box explaining that your request will be sent to your Care Team to approve, and if you have any further questions, you should contact them directly to discuss 
  1. If you wish to go ahead with the request, tap “Request”, otherwise tap “Cancel” 
  1. Finally, if you tapped “Request”, a pop-up box will let you know the request has been successfully sent, confirming you will be notified whether the request is approved or denied 
  2. Once a Care Program has been requested, you will see a “requested” notice next to the program title in the list view.

NOTE: You can only request ONE care program at a time. Until your Care Team has approved or declined your current, you cannot request to join another program as these are reviewed on a case by case basis. You can, however, tap “Chat with your Care Team” on any other programs you may be interested in to discuss them with your Care Team.

Request Approved 

Request Declined