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Step Counter

Step Counter

The app can track the steps you walk in a day automatically. With automatic tracking, your mobile device will track your steps by synching to either the Google Fit or Apple Health app. Setting up this feature is quick and easy! 

Note: Automatic step counting can only be carried out on the mobile version of our app and cannot be carried out on a tablet. Tablets do not connect to the respective health apps needed for tracking, only mobile devices. If you use both the mobile and tablet versions of our app, you will see your step count data update periodically on the tablet app after you access the mobile app.

Connect Your Device to Either Apple Health or Google Fit

  1. Open the app and tap the “Step Count” task on the Checklist tab.
  2. Tap on “CONNECT NOW” (or if you are no longer interested, tap on “DON’T ASK ME AGAIN”).
  3. You will then see another prompt asking you to allow Wellframe to connect to the health app on your device (this will be Apple Health for iPhone users, or Google Fit for Android users).
  4. If you wish to enable them to sync, so that Wellframe can count your steps, tap “CONNECT NOW” (or if you do not wish to sync, tap on “NO THANKS”).
Connecting the app to Google Fit for Android:
A screenshot of syncing the app with Google Fit
Connecting the app to Apple Health for iPhone:

Note: If you select “NO THANKS” during the initial connection prompt, you can always connect the app at a later point in time by going to the Profile tab, tapping “Settings” then “Step Count”. From there you can toggle on “Track with the Apple Health app” or “Track with the Google Fit app.”

A screenshot of syncing the app with Apple Health

Editing Your Daily Step Goal

A daily step goal is typically already configured for you when you start a Care Program with step counting. To modify your daily step goal:

  1. Click on your “Physical Activity” checklist item.
  2. Click on the “pencil” icon next to your STEP GOAL.
  3. Enter your updated “step goal.”
  4. Click “SAVE.”

Note: Your Care Team also has the ability to update your step goal!

A screenshot of configuring daily step goal

Manually Adding/Editing your Daily Step Count

If you connect the app to Apple Health or Google Fit and are tracking your steps using a device that does NOT currently sync with Apple Health or Google Fit, your step count may appear inaccurate. You can update these steps manually in the app to reflect the accurate step count according to your step tracking device.

If you are not connected to either Google Fit or Apple Health, but would like to record your daily steps from another device, you can add them here as well:

  1. Tap on your “Step count” checklist item.
  2. Click on the pencil icon next to the current step count.
  3. Enter the correct number of steps.
  4. Click “SAVE.”

Note: You also have the option to revert back to the Google Fit or Apple Health count by clicking the “Revert to….” option in the edit screen, after making a change.

Viewing Your Step Count Progress

Checklist Tab

A progress bar will appear on your daily “Step count” checklist item allowing for “at-a-glance” tracking of your goal. The bar updates each time you reload your checklist. If you click on the checklist item, it will bring you the screen that will show you your current step count and step goal for the day.

Progress Tab

To see your past week’s step activity, scroll down to the Step Count widget. This displays a graph of the past 7 days of your step activity. You can also edit your goal from this screen by tapping the pencil icon next to the existing goal on the top right corner of the widget.